The Black Swan Trader

No Bullshits.. Only Charts..


A little background about me.. So I have been trading since 2010 (during my senior years in UST) and ever since I was able to managed to spot a bagger stock way back then, I fell in love with trading particularly SWING TRADING. I guess that time I was lucky enough to join the 2010 – 2015 rally. Now on my mid 20’s, I was able to further deepen my knowledge in trading with a little help of Technical Analysis book/s that is/are usually available on our University Library plus of course with my own personal experience every time I enter a particular trade. So why SWING TRADING? It is simply because you do not need to look at the chart/s every seconds (day trading etc etc.) and of course, it let me fall asleep deeply every night. As much as possible I do not speculate on securities that I am not familiar with. In addition, I really do respect the charts as it speaks. So whatever and I guess that no one bothers reading up to this part (haha) about this particular tab so what the hell,  I will just let you share one of my trading secrets: Cash is King – Chart is Queen.

Oh by the way.. I shift my Graduate School Degree from History going to MBA. So it is safe to assume as a Historian by profession, I’d love to look on past price as well as ghost trends. lol.

PS: Your money, your problem. Dont blame me if you lose your money.

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