Okay so here’s the thing.. 2 months and still DOYTS (avg at 1.099) and CALESA (avg at .96) not unloading the said $STI position..

The question is when will they do it?

The answer is who knows?

The best play if you want to join the $STI party? Try to buy this stock near the average of Deutsche and CLSA. But be mindful to check from time to time the transaction if they will unload the said position. So how are you going to spot it? You have to do your Due Diligence by checking the minute transaction and guarding the tickers.. Just be mindful if SNOW BALLING occurs in which a particular broker/investment house is/are selling 1 board lot in a successive and/or in sequence in order for them to avoid sudden price depreciation. Don’t worry you will see it in day transaction as well as in stock tickers. Hehek.

Wala lang I’m just sharing this idea. Hope it helps! ❤

Sniper method? Remember? Back tracking securities from index to second liner to zubarus. Just give me time and I would gladly share it with you freely. Promise yan! ❤


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