So I re-calibrated my analysis of $MEG. So there you go, It is for you to decide if Sniper Indicator is reliable. So will you buy it or leave it? These are my insights:

Why will you buy $MEG?

  • Uptrend Chart of $MEG from 2009 – 2017 is still intact and going strong
  • The Sniper Indicator on WEEKLY chart is still not signalling us to BUY this stock but my analysis tells me that very soon we can reach this signal to buy it these following trading days. FURTHERMORE, using the DAILY Chart, it signals yesterday that we could snipe and buy it.
  • On its daily chart, SWAG INDICATOR is now below its price (vis-a-vis the price is above the swag indicator) which we all know that it is a signal  to buy it.
  • P/E Ratio as of today is at 11.59 which is considerably cheap on its industry (or I could be wrong but I believe it s relatively cheap).
  • On its daily chart, the MACD 65:90:12 Set up is now on its BUY signal.

Why you should wait FIRST to buy $MEG?

  • Index is too strong (Parabolic) as of the moment and is bound for imminent correction.
  • Index could be DCB.
  • Still below the 50/200 MA Crossing. Needs more candle.

So there you go. It is for you to decide.


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