So far using my sniper indicator, no buying signal yet.. Still scoping though.. but I have a strong feeling that this is very imminent sooner or later..

I like MACD with set up of 65:90:12 since this is very ideal ideal for going long unlike the default set up which creates too many noises… feeling ko lang and as always I could be wrong.. Go google this set up of Martin Pring. T’was also written by Jason Cam on his book.

Today’s closing go above the 38.2% fibb. Everyone’s hoping that this will hold though.

Of course the SWAG indicator c/o as popularized by Sir Jared is now on buy signal.. Go test it on your own charts.. You’ll see that plenty of charts today are on this position.. Back test it and check whether this will suit your trading style.

Lastly, one cannot argue the power of 50/200 MA. You’ll see for yourself whether this will hold or not. So far we are in the territory below the death cross. Why not google it and see for yourself?

Our country needs one good news.. and that’s it.. see you 8000 points again which we all know if we reach that level, triple top reversal na tayo..

hindi ako guru or whatsoever at lalong hindi ako magpapabayad or what.. I’m just like you.. a retailer trying to outsmart institutions out there.. and no.. as much as I want to take your hard earn moolas, NO.. hindi ako magpapabayad.. paki printscreen tong statement ko bilang resibo at proof na seryoso ako… I’m just a chartist/retailer and artisan that’s all. hihi..

for a higher definition of chart above please click here:

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