So I was able to test back from our 30 indices with my new indicator from 2009 – 2016 weekly chart and shows pure potential. Seems profitable enough but that won’t let me settle for it. Therefore, I managed to use it on $BEL using on its daily chart to check if it has the potential. Actually I am quite confident with on this new indicator if you go super long on it using WEEKLY chart so what the heck, let’s use it in daily chart. You can see time frames with different ROI if you follow strictly the indicator. It isn’t perfect as what I have expected but who cares..If you managed to profit on the first part of the chart, it can score you a nifty 31% ROI in just 27 candle days. Nice right? If I am pretty much aware during those days and managed to get my 31% profit, aba hindi ko na muna to babalikan. lol. Tomorrow, I will show you some of my samples from different index using this new indicator on a weekly chart to show its strengths as well as weaknesses.. and nope, not gonna tell you muna.. Just a clue the name of the indicator sounds like one of the younger brother of this particular person sa isang sikat na boyband nung 90’s. Nyaha. Goodluck! Happy New Year!

*As what I have mentioned, this new found deadly indicator is very very ideal if you use weekly – monthly chart rather than daily chart. Hehe and lastly, Do not blame me if it didn’t work out for you as soon as I reveal this indicator.